May 7, 2023

How an Unknown Creative Agency is Taking Over the World

They're called ANTI CREATIVE HOUSE*, and here's how they plan on doing it, in their words:

1. Providing larger agencies with concepts so brilliant they have to work with us. Developing these into strategic partnerships, and optimizing the long term returns for our partners (50+ years).

2. Allocating a percentage of our fees (10-25%) to “Creative Philanthropy”. For example, purchasing billboard space and writing “Have a nice day :)” or financing ANTI CREATIVE HOUSE* branded content to create uniquely memorable experiences for our viewers.

3. Humanistic Advertising: as a compliment to Creative Philanthropy, our concepts will never look or feel like “advertising”, but instead will always leave the viewer better off for having experienced the work.

4. Ideas First: We don't chase the biggest paycheck. We work with brands who share our philosophy for creating relentlessly innovative content, benefiting both them and the consumer equally.

If you're a major agency or Fortune 100 brand, it's likely you've received an email from them with an unsolicited campaign.

And if you begin to see ads that all share a similar degree of outlandishness and originality, it's more than likely ANTI* was behind it.

Simon Archibald
Executive Creative Director