March 23, 2023

On Passion

‘Find what you love and let it kill you.’

Charles Bukowski

As many of us have come to discover, life is - more or less - an infinite labyrinth of adversity.

Some of us cope better with this than others, but no matter how one approaches their problems, it’s evident that they’re an unavoidable part of human existence.

So what are we supposed to do? Are we meant to strive for the eradication of adversity from our lives?

This idea has been discussed since the beginning of philosophy; developed most notably by the prominent thinkers of Ancient Greece.

The consensus appears to be this: we need problems, and any effort to circumvent this fact will prove utterly futile.

‘It’s tough on Earth, that’s all I believe in… Passion is the only way out.’ Catherine Deneuve, Life Magazine (January 1969)

As Catherine has kindly pointed out for us, the antidote to this dilemma lies in passion, or, said another way, in solving problems we care about solving.

Simon Archibald
Executive Creative Director