July 9, 2023


Yes, it is a business. Yes, it is a creative consultancy. And yes, it is for-profit.

But to say that is all it is - this project we have named ANTI CREATIVE HOUSE* -  would be like saying Michaelangelo’s David is just a bit of stone.

ANTI CREATIVE HOUSE* is above all an approach to creative endeavor.

It represents a philosophy that favors unorthodox thinking; asking not “What should we do?” but “What could we do?”.

A philosophy of creating not just for months or years, but for Millennia.

As such, this demands an entirely different way of thinking.

A way of thinking found only among those whose ideas and creations have endured many lifetimes and will continue to endure many more beyond our own.

These include polymaths Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, and Albert Einstein;

Philosophers Plato, Heraclitus, Friedrich Nietzche, and Voltaire;

Artists Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johannes Vermeer, and William Shakespeare;

Not to mention the invaluable artistic and scientific advancements of the Ancient Romans, Greeks, and Carthaginians.

All mentioned were relentless visionaries who questioned common ideas and brought their own into existence.

You may wonder why we hold our own ambitions to this seemingly unattainable standard, to which I would reply, “what else is there?”.

Not only is it endlessly more inspiring to imagine your ideas still in practice 2000 years from now, but it also places ANTI CREATIVE HOUSE* in a category of its own.

It is in no competition with any other creative consultancy or for-profit company that exists today.

It belongs instead to a fundamentally different aim: that of Creating For Millennia.

ANTI CREATIVE HOUSE* is changing the idea of creative endeavor for the modern world.

Creative endeavour must once again inspire lasting change.

This is the idea of ANTI CREATIVE HOUSE*

Simon Archibald
Director of ANTI*