April 30, 2023

Kubrick on Advertising

In an interview, Stanley Kubrick once said, "I think TV commercials are the most vital and exciting area of filmmaking. They have to communicate their message in such a short amount of time and do it in a way that's both entertaining and persuasive."

This quote highlights Kubrick's admiration for the unique balance of artistry and efficiency required to create a compelling advertisement.

He acknowledged that the best commercials, much like his own films, were able to convey complex ideas, emotions, and narratives in a concise and captivating manner.

The director's praise serves as a reminder that even the most seemingly mundane aspects of our visual culture can hold a wealth of artistic merit.

Now it’s perhaps time that agencies take a few notes from the filmmaker’s playbook, and craft stories that aren’t merely forgotten after the mindless scrolling of a thumb.

Simon Archibald
Executive Creative Director