April 16, 2023

ANTI* Memorandum, April 16


The following is the first part of an eventual manifesto.

I intend for it to serve as a philosophical blueprint for you to follow while a part of this project I’ve named ANTI CREATIVE HOUSE*.

You will notice these are not hard, immalleable rules.

These are instead a general set of ideas to help guide us in our decision making, ensuring that we all think and act with a broad - though not rigid - uniformity.

I hope they prove useful.

Shall we begin?

To all those part of ANTI CREATIVE HOUSE*,

Allow me to be unambiguous: I want your experience with this company to fundamentally change the way you think.

First. We will think long-term. Longer than you can imagine without suddenly bursting into laughter.

Second. We will think bigger than you can imagine - likely resulting in a similar reaction.


Because why would we think like everybody else who’s simply trying to survive the next month when we can build for the next century.

I have no interest in short term gains at the expense of long term prosperity.

This means designing our agreements for the next century (equity over fees).

This means creating for the next century (will this idea remain relevant 100 years from now? If not, find an idea that will.)

This also means collaborating for the next century - working only with those who we see ourselves in partnership with 5,6,7,8,9, or 10+ decades from now.

In summary: Think longer. Think bigger.

And as we’re a creative company, here are some notes on failure:

The only inexcusable failure is failure to try something ambitious.

If you bring only normal ideas - that is, ideas that everyone believes will be successful - you won’t last long at this company.

You’re only a part of this as I believe you all think different, and I hope you only exceed my expectations in this regard.

I don’t want to scare you off,  so I’ll leave it at that for now.

I thank you sincerely for being a part of this - you are truly crazy.

Yours truly,


Simon Archibald
Executive Creative Director