ANTI CREATIVE HOUSE* (ANTI*) is a multidisciplinary creative group from Simon Archibald.

A restless-eccentric who attended the University of Toronto for a single semester before deciding he prefers the security of entrepreneurship.

His creative approach favors ruthless elegance, playfulness, and honesty.

Drawing inspiration from some of history’s great storytellers including, Walt Disney, Gabrielle Chanel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Leonardo da Vinci, ANTI* blends an eclectic mix of disciplines to create experiences of stark individuality.

To give you some idea of our ambitions, here is a list of brands we’d like to work with over the next 3 years:

Louis Vuitton, 
American Express,
and Ritz-Carlton.

If you happen to know a relevant contact at any of these companies, we would graciously welcome the introduction.

In the meantime, we will be creating iconic work with our current partners.

Simon Archibald
Director of ANTI*